April 15th - This just in!
On April 15th Samuel Odio was awarded the Branch Banking & Trust Scholarship for 2004-2005 by the College of
Business and Economics at Longwood University. "This scholarship is given to a first year student who shows
outstanding academic promise." - Dr. Wayne E. McWee, Dean of the College of Business and Economics.

April 14th - Update
This page was created when I, Sam Odio, was waitlisted at Virginia Tech. Today, as a transfer applicant, I am updating this page with additional information about my achievements and activities over the last year.

New information:
 - I am currently on the President's list at Longwood University.
 - I have continued to expand OdioWorks Computer Consulting, a business I own and operate. Today OdioWorks Consulting repairs computers in the metropolitan areas of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Atlanta, GA. Click here for more information.

Also, to clarify information which had not properly transferred from my online application to my print application, my AP scores are as follows:
Psychology: 5
AB Calculus: 4
Government: 3
US History: 3
AP Literature: 2

      I'm Samuel Raymond Odio (Sam, for short). Recently I was wait-listed at Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech Engineering College is my top choice of colleges to attend. I have put together this web site to persuade you that I am well prepared and would bring a lot of skill, experience, and talent to your engineering program.

In front of $10,000 worth of servers I built for my company OdioWorks, LLC

      The College of Engineering at Virginia Tech offers a very exciting curriculum. I am particularly attracted to the recent effort to increase hands-on experimentation, an area in which I already excel. Classes such as Mechatronics will prove challenging and enable me to further explore the areas of mircocontrollers, dynamic systems, and mechanical design.

      It would also be my hope to become involved in the numerous extra-curricular opportunities offered at VT. I believe would be a substantial contributor to your Autonomous Vehicle Team and the Human Powered Submarine Team because of my mentorship experience at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

      Why should I be chosen over the thousands of other wait-listed applicants? There are several reasons: (Click on the links for more information.)

- A
Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology graduate.
TJHSST is one of the most academically rigorous high schools in the nation and its students are routinely recognized as the best in the nation.

- Founded and run OdioWorks Consulting.
OdioWorks is an information technology company I formed to further my business skills.

- President of the TJHSST Robotics & Aeromodeling club.
Forming 5 Botball teams, while raising $10,000 to send them to the regional competitions was a very challenging part of my position as President of the TJ Robotics & Aeromodeling club. Also it taught me communication skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

- Interned at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.
My mentor, Mr. Hung Vo, stated I was "the best intern I have mentored at the David Taylor Model Basin." (See attached letter)

- Involved with Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church.
Walter Bagehot once said, "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." For me, attending the church communications committee meetings, working with the residents of Appalachia, and designing the church webpage give meaning to that quote.

- I am Hispanic.
My father is an immigrant from Costa Rica; my mom is from Nebraska. Living in a dual-culture household allows me to bridge the cultural differences at home. I often apply these skills — the ability to listen to a different viewpoint and the ability to have empathy — to those around me in school and at work. I intend to continue to develop my cross-cultural awareness in Virginia Tech as well.

- SAT score of 1390 {V: 720 M: 670}

- Overall GPA of a 3.35.

      It is hoped that this web site will prove to you that my passion of being an Engineer and working with cutting edge technology would best be served at Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech’s outstanding program would be a perfect marriage between my aspirations and your curriculum. Without a doubt I would be a strong participant and valuable contributor to the Virginia Tech program if I can just get the chance to attend.

     I am a student at TJHSST, a science a technology magnet school in Northern Virginia. In addition to maintaining a challenging curriculum I feel that I have a diverse experience both within the courses taken as well as the activities I have participated in. I enjoy photography and sports, having played soccer all my life.

     Some photography I've taken of my school:

A different point of view.


     Mr. Okazaki, my art teacher at TJHSST, recently asked me to design the school's art department webpage. I am currently collaborating with him, and will soon have a preliminary webpage posted.

OdioWorks Consulting
     With the goal of paying my way through college, in November of 2002 I started my own company, OdioWorks LLC. I have used my experience building computers over the past 6 years to make the best custom Linux or windows systems around.

     Today OdioWorks Consulting repairs computers in the metropolitan areas of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Atlanta, GA. OdioWorks consulting serves the technology needs of clients throughout the United States, and the web design needs of clients internationally.

Websites we have created or are working on:
- www.JelShaddiTieDye.com
- www.OdioWorks.com/clients/sttims/web
- www.OdioWorks.com/clients/lasagessefarms/
- www.OdioWorks.com/clients/david

My company website, which I created.

(If you would like to order a personal system, simply go to
www.OdioWorks.com to customize a machine!)

More information:
- All feedback received from clients to date.
- About OdioWorks Consulting
- View the OdioWorks Financial reports through QuickBooks Online.
Login: odioworksreport
Password: thereport

- Email the owner!
TJ Robotics & Areomodeling club
     I am president of the TJ Robotics & Areomodeling club (www.arclub.com), which I joined freshman year. This year, I have solicited and raised $10,000 to enable the club to send 5 teams to the Botball robotics competition (www.botball.org), more teams than any other school in the nation. Last year, my team placed 6th in the national competition held in Norman, Okalahoma; this year we expect to do even better.

Our current Botball robot. (In development)

Part of my team, working on the Botball project in the robotics lab.

My team's 2002 submission.

Some of the awards our club has won
over the years.

Hear What Mr. Berenty, the TJ Tech Lab & Mentorship director has to say about me.
(Sound Clip)

Naval Surface Warfare Center: Carderock
     To fulfill my senior year science and technology research requirement, I have participated in a robotics mentorship at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. This involved working at the Carderock, Maryland site for a minimum of 15 hours / week. My mentor, Mr. Hung Vo, stated I was "the best intern [he had] mentored at the David Taylor Model Basin."

View Mr. Vo's recommendation here

     Working at NSWCCD was a very unique experience. Over the past year I learned more in the field of robotics than I could have ever imagined. My internship responsibilities consisted of creating and programming the electronics package for a autonomous mobile robot. I enabled multiple robots to communicate between each other, creating a low cost distributed network. This network accomplishes objectives that previously required centralized and expensive electronics hardware.

     View my project paper:
Development of a Low Cost Embedded Controller for Use in Network-Centric Autonomous Systems

The Rabbit SmartCat(left) and the RCM 3200 (right).

     Above are two of the three robotics controllers I own. I use these controllers to research forms of obstacle avoidance and robotic communication. Communication is done through two ethernet ports via wireless adapters.

     The prospects of participating in research opportunities at Virginia Tech such as Cleaning up with robotics, and the Multi Agent Bio-Robotic Learning project would be exciting.

Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
     I am very involved at my local church. Over the past 14 years have done a large amount of community service work through my church including:

- Assisting with Sunday masses.

- Working summers rebuilding houses in Dungannon, Virginia
     (a small rural town in Appalachia).

- Volunteering at the Antietam National Battlefield.

- Designing a new webpage for the Church.

- Participating on the Church Communications Committee.

     Prior to my involvement with the Communications Committee at Saint Timothy’s, it was said by the committee that a teen could not be trusted to design and maintain the church webpage.

     That belief made me do more than a webpage for my church; I joined the Communications Committee as well. This action has made all the difference. The design of the webpage centers around a picture I took of the church's stained glass window, as seen below.

View what the Church Rector, Father Brad, has to say about me.

Visit the new church webpage
that I designed.
Compare with the old church webpage.

I am Hispanic
     My experience as a first generation Hispanic immigrant has given me a different perspective on my studies and life in the U.S. We visit my father’s family in Costa Rica every summer. I grew up riding horses and playing soccer in rural areas of Costa Rica, where my uncles and cousins live. We regularly eat “arroz con pollo” and “platanos” at home. My concept of family is different from that of my friends – in Costa Rica family and friends kiss each other on their cheeks when they greet. I often laugh when my friends throw an item away if it breaks – I grew up learning to fix something, not discard it and buy a new one.

     I have gained a valuable perspective into the lives of those outside of the United States which is not shared by many of my classmates. Living in a dual-culture household allows me to bridge the cultural differences at home. I often apply these skills to those around me in school and at work, and would do so in college, as well.

     As a Hispanic I've also received the award of being a National Hispanic Scholar in the College Board's National Hispanic Recognition Program.

My Grandmother and me, in Costa Rica.


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