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April 15th - This just in!
On April 15th Samuel Odio was awarded the Branch Banking & Trust Scholarship for 2004-2005 by the College of
Business and Economics at Longwood University. "This scholarship is given to a first year student who shows
outstanding academic promise." - Dr. Wayne E. McWee, Dean of the College of Business and Economics.

      Welcome back! This page is ment to demonstrate how I, Sam Odio, have matured and developed over the past year. From being waitlisted at UVA to my first day at Longwood University to today - much has changed. However, one thing has remained constant - my desire to enroll into the UVA McIntire School of commerce.

      Why should I be chosen over the other transfer applicants? There are several reasons: (Click on the links for more information.)

President's List at Longwood University.
Received a semester GPA of 4.0

- Grew OdioWorks Consulting.
OdioWorks is an information technology company I formed to further my business skills.

- My volunteer activities.

- And much more at

President's List

     Received the Longwood "President's List" award along with 228 other students duing my first semseter at Longwood University. From the Longwood website:
The College recognizes superior scholarship through its President's List which is published at the end of each semester. Students [...] have earned a semester grade point average of 4.0 on a minimum of 12 semester hours work taken [and completed] all courses in the semester for which they are registered.
- Find out more about the president's list here.
OdioWorks Consulting
     With the goal of paying my way through college, in November of 2002 I started my own company, OdioWorks LLC. I have used my experience building computers over the past 6 years to make the best custom Linux or windows systems around.

     Today OdioWorks Consulting repairs computers in the metropolitan areas of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Atlanta, GA. OdioWorks consulting serves the technology needs of clients throughout the United States, and the web design needs of clients internationally.

Websites we have created or are working on:

My company website, which I created.

(If you would like to order a personal system, simply go to to customize a machine!)

     Odioworks Consulting has taught me several business lessons over the past year, the venture has not been nearly as easy as I expected. Marketing my products and services, both through online and conventional means, has been much more of a challenge than I could’ve imagined. However my experience running a small business has perked my interest in the McIntire Small Business Institute at the University of Virginia. There I would look forward to gaining more “real world” experience under the supervision of faculty, while profiting from the experiences of peers whom are in the same situation I am. I am also interested in Management Information Systems program of concentration at the McIntire School of Commerce. There I could further develop the programming and computer skills I have acquired through years of working with computers and networks. The classes Business Software Development (COMM 320), Systems Analysis and Design (COMM 427), and Data Communications (COMM 428) would well compliment the skills I have learned while running my small business as well as the skills I would acquire during my first years at UVA.

More information:
- All feedback received from clients to date.
- About OdioWorks Consulting
- View the OdioWorks Financial reports through QuickBooks Online.
Login: odioworksreport
Password: thereport

- Email the owner!
Volunteer Activities
     I am constantly using my skills to give back to my community. My charitable actions range from donating over $1,000 to TJHSST as a first year Alumni, to designing a website for my history teacher, Dr. Crowl.

I have also been very involved at my local church. Over the past 14 years have done a large amount of community service work through my church including:

- Assisting with Sunday masses.

- Working summers rebuilding houses in Dungannon, Virginia
     (a small rural town in Appalachia).

- Volunteering at the Antietam National Battlefield.

- Designing a new webpage for the Church.

- Participating on the Church Communications Committee.

     Prior to my involvement with the Communications Committee at Saint Timothy’s, it was said by the committee that a teen could not be trusted to design and maintain the church webpage.

     That belief made me do more than design a webpage for my church; I joined the Communications Committee as well. This action has made all the difference. The design of the webpage centers around a picture I took of the church's stained glass window, as seen below.

View what the Church Rector, Father Brad, has to say about me.

Visit the new church webpage
that I designed.
Compare with the old church webpage.

And much more here.

Feel free to
email me with any questions or comments about this page.

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